LWITB_DB: Infiltrating A Company

The kindest thing about infiltrating a company is pretending to be an employee. You can get what you want in the company by pretending to be an employee. In fact, if your reach is risky, it makes you stronger. You’ll be indispensable. When you get a job at a company, think about the entitlements you get, the company databases, personal data, the data you get when you do a project, and the data you extract. Strange contracts promised as if you were going to be sued when you collect or publish them. In fact, all corporate life is a void. You are not valued unless you learn something or receive information. Your bosses make you do what you want and pay you back. For that, companies look too corporate. They actually carry a lot of sources of information.

Community engineers usually choose to blend in and not leave society until they get the information they want. Even if you’re a boss, you can have a hard time fighting community engineering. Because if the person you hire is overly knowledgeable then your job is very difficult. With its quick wit, it takes you and makes you dependent. To this day, the bosses I see in the companies I work for are always at risk of losing their own money. All they care about is keeping their company afloat and firing those who pass information out of the company. They don’t know how to share. Pay attention to the people you call, for example, sitting at a table. If they’re going behind your back, they’re going around you. Bosses are similar. In their companies, they act as if their rules are valid. They don’t really care what they lose. But when there’s money missing, it’s a real mess.

Often the information provided by employees is useful to you or may even be enough to get you into a job. That’s why you keep trying to look cute in the eyes of the bosses. What they really need are doors that will make them money. As long as you make them money, they’ll help you or you’ll lose your job. That’s it. You’re not valuable to any manager or boss. This is a fact.

That’s why companies don’t hire long-term employees, and when they run out of money or run out of money, they get rid of people who know like you. Let’s see what information you get from the company can do for you. First, some of the information you receive may be used against those who dismiss you. For example, if they fired you, you can claim a large amount of compensation, you can sue. It is possible to do so through legal means but it is a very long process. Or you sell some of the information you receive in legal markets or use it to enter other businesses. The information you learn is valuable as long as you learn, and the more you learn, the more your chances of applying to other companies will similarly increase. You can easily turn sensitive information into a source of income or open other doors.

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