LWITB_DB: Bad Camera System

I noticed something when I was doing a network scan at the company recently. I found the IP address of the camera systems, and I accessed the device and downloaded all the video footage. Then I found footage of people going behind my back at the company. The audio and video recordings were open. They were mobbing me. After I realized this situation, I kept working at work for a while. One day I lost my job because of these people. But I had the video tapes. When I gave the footage to the prosecutor, they investigated the case for a while and sued the firm.

It turned out to be a crime and the firm was found guilty for putting moral pressure on me. The employees are now in prison because of me, and the firm has been fined 10,000 with my country’s money. Since I deleted all the video footage, no one has figured out what happened, and the recording continues to be kept. It’s open, so it’s still there. It’s very easy to hack into a video system without a username and password.