LWITB_DB: Half-Life 2 Walkthrough (Video)

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough

Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve. It is the sequel to 1998’s Half-Life and was released in November 2004 following a five-year $40 million development. During development, a substantial part of the project was leaked and distributed on the Internet. The game was developed alongside Valve’s Steam software and the Source engine.

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LWITB_DB: Half-Life Walkthrough (Video)

Half-Life Walkthrough Playlist

Half-Life is a first-person shooter game developed by Valve and published by Sierra Studios for Microsoft Windows in 1998. It was Valve’s debut product and the first game in the Half-Life series. Players assume the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist who must find his way out of the Black Mesa Research Facility after an experiment with an alien material goes wrong. The core gameplay consists of fighting alien and human enemies with a variety of weapons and solving puzzles. Unlike many other games at the time, the player has almost complete uninterrupted control of Freeman, and the story is told mostly through scripted sequences seen through his eyes.

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LWITB_DB: Infiltrating A Company

The kindest thing about infiltrating a company is pretending to be an employee. You can get what you want in the company by pretending to be an employee. In fact, if your reach is risky, it makes you stronger. You’ll be indispensable. When you get a job at a company, think about the entitlements you get, the company databases, personal data, the data you get when you do a project, and the data you extract. Strange contracts promised as if you were going to be sued when you collect or publish them. In fact, all corporate life is a void. You are not valued unless you learn something or receive information. Your bosses make you do what you want and pay you back. For that, companies look too corporate. They actually carry a lot of sources of information.

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LWITB_DB: Bad Camera System

I noticed something when I was doing a network scan at the company recently. I found the IP address of the camera systems, and I accessed the device and downloaded all the video footage. Then I found footage of people going behind my back at the company. The audio and video recordings were open. They were mobbing me. After I realized this situation, I kept working at work for a while. One day I lost my job because of these people. But I had the video tapes. When I gave the footage to the prosecutor, they investigated the case for a while and sued the firm.

It turned out to be a crime and the firm was found guilty for putting moral pressure on me. The employees are now in prison because of me, and the firm has been fined 10,000 with my country’s money. Since I deleted all the video footage, no one has figured out what happened, and the recording continues to be kept. It’s open, so it’s still there. It’s very easy to hack into a video system without a username and password.