Interested relationships and really faraway lives

We all have such problems somewhere. I want to stand a little bit on the disrespectfulness and the interests of the people around us.

In our life, we are giving place to some people and we are giving way to some people. After all, the aim is to get the other party to do what they really want they are starting to ignore it, ignoring the human substitution of the other person. Throughout the history of humanity, we have always tried to live a life locked for its purpose, Every successful zafere they squeezed together called “happiness”. Sometimes this marriage can sometimes be a successful job or sometimes a summit. Actually, in this process we are all aware that no one is behaving fairly. It has been a philosophy of life to ignore people around you for the sake of constant success.

If you live in a society selfish and selfless. It’s probably grown and developed in your neighborhood. While they are very good for them when they come to work
once you turn them back, you’re in bad shape this time. Because they try to give you a great battle to bring you down. Most of the time they are not aware of their failures. They think they are successful, but in reality they are living with them around you. Such a society while continuing his life of selfish selfish ambition; they think they are summit without people being aware of it.

They reached their goal when they went to the top. Happiness and happiness are no longer a necessity for them. Actually they are not happy. They live just because they think so. When they start to fall from the top down, others live their lives. The price of their selfishness gradually gives life to them. We all need to be aware of them. If a person just falls in on you when you fall down. If you are doing a mouth-twitching with you until you get what you want; Remember that there is an interest relationship at the tip of it. Do not believe that you respect yourself. Never fall this trap. Someone who respects you always asks your sincere without expecting your reward. He does it because he really loves you.

The situation is different on the relation of interest. They respect you only until you get what they want. Then they will not remember you. They do not respect your rights. It is your friends until you reach your goals. Even after your goals are over, “The person you are looking for is not reachable”.

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