Onix OS

Onix OS is an Arch Linux-based operating system project based on an O language development ecosystem.

It is developed with the aim of improving its language and providing a working environment for its language. We are developing 3 versions of kernel version, desktop version and Server version. This distribution system improvements as needed and set up the server by installing server-based zipleyip that you made in the system to enable it to operate as a direct operation in the desktop version and the editor with the tools or with the help of a team of a team you will be able to develop software using that language.

Onix OS Tron Edition

In addition to all this, the kernel version will provide a simple infrastructure support to interfere with your operating system and use it for other purposes. With this core version, you’ll be able to run projects with that language on the cloud. This project will be based on O Language and will be available soon. You will be able to use these versions as you wish.

Download Links;

Download OnixOS
Download OnixOS