Mac OS X Mojave About

Mac OS X released the new version of Mojave. A lot of changes in this version compared to the previous version present. First of all, the dark and bright mode has been brought. It makes us work tonight, day and night. With its new design and updated icons, we have not been surprised by this version. In addition to these features, “highlight color” selections have been updated.

Updates were removed in earlier versions. Now with this version, System updates have come back. There are a lot of sections like about optimization and design changes available. With the new version, it’s easier to import data from your iPhone/iPad. There’s a menu for this. Appstore has been completely renovated. Home automation application and smart home systems have come a new application. Voice notes for voice recording have been adapted from the iPhone. Updated the finance application. Improvements are available in applications such as Terminal.

Apple continues to move on with new versions, not avoiding the usual visual and showcasing. Not only is visual design limited, there are improvements in the file system. This article is only a new pass as an experience.

At the bottom I shared all the screenshots and links. Good day to meet you in the next article.

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