Mac OS X Mojave About

Mac OS X released the new version of Mojave. A lot of changes in this version compared to the previous version present. First of all, the dark and bright mode has been brought. It makes us work tonight, day and night. With its new design and updated icons, we have not been surprised by this version. In addition to these features, “highlight color” selections have been updated.

Updates were removed in earlier versions. Now with this version, System updates have come back. There are a lot of sections like about optimization and design changes available. With the new version, it’s easier to import data from your iPhone/iPad. There’s a menu for this. Appstore has been completely renovated. Home automation application and smart home systems have come a new application. Voice notes for voice recording have been adapted from the iPhone. Updated the finance application. Improvements are available in applications such as Terminal.

Apple continues to move on with new versions, not avoiding the usual visual and showcasing. Not only is visual design limited, there are improvements in the file system. This article is only a new pass as an experience.

At the bottom I shared all the screenshots and links. Good day to meet you in the next article.

Preview link:

ODZNAMES: What happens to the local server?

Malicious intrusion attempts have been initiated. In the near future, all malicious software running on the yada will try to block new applications written in that language in the struggle with those who try to gain access to uninfected folders.

I ran the first bad site cleaning tool I wrote with that language on my server. The results seem impressive to the general public. When administrators access unauthorized access to the system, server logs are automatically checked for errors, and sites and accounts are automatically deactivated in a server-side query.

In addition, all servers added to the blacklist are disconnected before they can connect to the server. This increases server security. I’ll share the source code for it after the tests are over in the coming days. In the meantime, many sites were blacklisted and their accounts were closed.

O Language: Web Site Update

The website of that language has been renewed. We converted the site to a documentation site in order to use it more efficiently. So we will create the documentation directly by hovering over the site. You can search by direct documentation.

For example, if you use the term “file” directly on the site, you can make automatic assignments like “Files”. We made searches and corrections in the post. We have adapted our documentation to the most recent version.


These types of optimizations will be effective both in terms of google and site. While doing such optimizations, we have updated the site design. You can visit to see the updates.


O Language: Build 4.1

A new version has been released for that language. A number of critical updates and fixes have been made in this release. Fixed unknown IDENTIFIER and similar critical problems in function definitions. In addition, the replace function has been added.

This function can be used to change strings and change strings;

def test = "test"
def test = replace(test, "test", "olang")
#=> olang

You can reach the details of the latest version via this link.

Web site: O Language