Space age and old generation problematic

While technology and other tools are developing on the world for years, we will meet with the old generation who insists on changing the technology in the old days and the space age. This problematic situation is about not renewing itself or renewing itself. Older technology and old brains do not get tired of defending an old technology all the time.

Day after day, old techs have to leave their place with new generation technologies. For most of us, this transition does not become compulsive. A new generation of fast-paced generation is trying to catch up and do better, while the old generation insists on not changing. The elderly are making every effort to add more to the ancestor rather than leaving it to the edge. This sometimes leads to new things to do. Most of the time, he is struggling to prevent any new construction, such as a security wall, ahead of the old one. To solve this problem, the new ones often leave the old ones and create a new order.

This is exactly what happened since the earliest times.

The old ones should be destroyed as they are old. If we can not produce new things and if they can not be developed, we are backward from the new ones, that is, they become “outdated”. Old things are always being thrown into a corner. Because the new always promises a hope. Updating old stuff can take a very long time. Because the underlying fear of annihilation is increasing day by day, even if it is obligatory, the market is offered as if it has taken two or three improvements. In fact, the underlying prototype is being preserved. We are not able to defeat our old dependency when we are developing new things from scratch and in other forms in a cleaner way. For this reason, we are not really backwards; we are old technology dependent.

Generations of new technology and cities are usually rebuilt in the space age.

Fully refurbished and equipped with clean energies. We can start as a new born technology, not a renewed in this way, a reconstructed technology. The basic qualities needed in the space age are speed and topicality. In addition to this, stability is extremely important. Fast, up-to-date, stable and clean things can be put in front of the elder for a long time. The same technologies may similarly reveal more effective innovations. Apart from merely benefiting from this issue; people can get to these technologies faster and produce more new things with much less effort. Every old technology that is lost in the darkness must leave its place to the innovations. Otherwise, the old will always change as if they were new and will come out confused.

I end my writing by saying that you are welcome to the new spaces and the new space age waiting for us.

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