Who is Ted Mayers?


Ted Mayers is my new address on the internet, as you know. Because instead of using a name when producing content, I try to produce better content under that name. You can follow if you want. My goal is not just to shoot videos; it’s to produce and broadcast content in a real sense. I’m doing it in a completely out-of-sight profile.

What’s Ted Mayers like?

Ted Mayers is someone who doesn’t like to talk much, but has the skills to rock other actors and broadcasters. He really lives and lives somewhere far away. He’s cute, he likes to poke, he hides things, he’s disconnected from life, he likes to play games, he likes to play games and he likes to write code. And he can handle a lot of work on his own. He lives quietly against his enemies only by obstructing and harassing them. Someone with a belly, glasses and looks cute. Even though he doesn’t like to hurt, he still hates it.

Why is his name Ted Mayers (a.k.a Tedaryum)?

Because “Ted Mayers” isn’t really about entertaining people, it’s about making them think. For this reason it is known as Ted-Arium. He likes to be called that because he didn’t like this kind of idle chatter at TedX time.

His past is full of hate and anger, so he uses the internet to spew it. In his normal life, he kills people fast, he gets rid of them. Someone capable of harassing. In addition, he is currently carrying out a number of projects on gaming and programming.

He supports me as I support him. You can also enter and support his future projects and ideas to help. I’ll leave the profile links below.

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