What is Mobbing?

In simple terms, we can say that; “one or a few people apply to another person, they are hostile and morally and ethically systematic by their methods inin.”

In the 1980s, Dr. Heinz Leymann used the term mobbing to describe the movements of oppression, violence and intimidation in business life. Leymann is described as people who practice mobbing, extreme control, cowardly, neurotic and power hungry. What Situations Can Mobbing Occur?

  • Questioning professional competence
  • Feeling untrusted
  • Deliberately giving tasks that cannot be completed within the given time
  • Storage of information from a person
  • Ignoring the person, isolated from the group
  • Reduction of entitlements

Other than that, the person can be shown to be suddenly inadequate, small errors that have not been a problem before can be shown as a very big mistake, and embarrassment actions can be made. This can be done not only by the employer but also by other employees. So some employees by executives can be encouraged to apply mobbing.

In particular, when a person makes contact with the authorized persons of the institution for such things made by the employees, they also take a negative attitude and their application is rejected. As a result, the person is compelled to resign and this is shown as his own will. Effects of Mobbing

  • Mobbing undermines human integrity and self-esteem
  • Causes paranoia and confusion
  • The exposed person loses his sense of self-esteem
  • He experiences intense feelings of restlessness, fear, shame, anger and anxiety.
  • Mobbing, crying, sleep disorders, depression, high blood pressure, panic attacks, health problems leading to heart attack and post-traumatic stress disorder can create.

What Mobbing Exposed Person Should Do?

  • The right to terminate the employment contract has the right to terminate.
  • Under certain conditions, they have the right to demand discrimination (*).
  • According to the Code of Obligations and the Turkish Civil Code, it has the right to ask for compensation.
  • The worker who has stopped by Mobing can sue the mobbing manager and demand non-pecuniary damages.
  • In the case of conditions, the employee may also apply to the provisions of the indemnity compensation.

Other things to do;

  • Tell the mobbing person you object to the situation, ask him to stop his harassment - and behavior. Have a colleague with you who can trust and testify if necessary.
  • Record events, given meaningless orders and applications in writing.
  • At the earliest opportunity, report the bully to someone with authority, if you are - equal, and if you are over, report clearly and evidently to the board and human - resources.
  • If necessary, seek medical and psychological help. It will help and generate evidence.
  • Investigate what is done about your complaint in your organization. Share your situation with your colleagues, they may also be disturbed in the same way.

If you are extremely knowledgeable in our society, you may be exposed to mobbing. In this case, this article is hopefully useful for you. Other Links for Readable;

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