Clan of Xymox: DELETE!

Erase all your feelings, all the things you’ve done to this day. There’s a new one coming in, and there’s even a piece made for you.

Clan of Xymox: DELETE!
I want to delete the secrets that I keep
I want to erase all mistakes that I made
Delete, delete
Bleep, bleep, bleep
Bleep, bleep, bleep
Kill all yesterdays , lets just start again
Kill off all the pain, re boot all the way
I want to delete the secrets that I keep
I want to erase and turn over the page
And coming clean, you know what I mean
Delete , delete , deceit, delete, delete
Obliterate, annihilate, eliminate, eliminate
Obliterate, annihilate, delete, delete
No good 'ole times , no glory days
I wipe the slate clean on my way
To the door and ask no more
What did I do there on the floor?
Delete, complete, delete, complete
I want to delete the secrets that I keep
I want to erase the time and the place
Delete, delete
Bleep, bleep , bleep
Kill all yesterdays, lets just start again
Kill off all the pain, re boot all the way
Kill all yesterdays, lets just start again
Kill off all the pain , re boot all the way
Delete, delete , delete

New version of Onix OS released

As a result of the updates we have made for a long time, we have released a lot of fixes, but none of them are stable, so we couldn’t share them. In addition to all the older versions, we released a special version for the film Tron. In addition, a lot of system and kernel updates are available. Additional repository updates are available.

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Repeat things are bad (That’s why, DRY).

It’s a bad thing to repeat yourself, yeah. For example, to do the same things over and over again. Going to work every day, experiencing the same things every day, eating at the same meal, and avoiding differences. Being different is a good thing. Life, politics and the same things that are repeated under constant pressure. We all live in life. We’re running around, our goals and our goals. This system is trying to get our targets from us. Instead of our goal, it’s a mess of bad people waiting for us to follow the system’s goals. We’re fighting a system that’s afraid of difference.

We have to do what is shown to us in advertising every day, by repeating to us; to integrate our own systems, media and all publishing organizations are working diligently. For example, when you want to buy a car, we decide on what others do. The system makes us eat what we need to do with advertising. If we eat. When we have a lot of free space out there, we live like a program trapped inside the system. We repeat every day to make money and get something out of their system.

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What is Mobbing?

In simple terms, we can say that;

“one or a few people apply to another person, they are hostile and morally and ethically systematic by their methods inin.”

In the 1980s, Dr. Heinz Leymann used the term mobbing to describe the movements of oppression, violence and intimidation in business life. Leymann is described as people who practice mobbing, extreme control, cowardly, neurotic and power hungry.

What Situations Can Mobbing Occur?

  • Questioning professional competence
  • Feeling untrusted
  • Deliberately giving tasks that cannot be completed within the given time
  • Storage of information from a person
  • Ignoring the person, isolated from the group
  • Reduction of entitlements

Other than that, the person can be shown to be suddenly inadequate, small errors that have not been a problem before can be shown as a very big mistake, and embarrassment actions can be made. This can be done not only by the employer but also by other employees. So some employees by executives can be encouraged to apply mobbing.

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Are we changing or dying?

We all change many times over the years. Our lives revolve around changes and new targets.

I recently decided to do a research on the rumours that a famous artist named Avril Lavigne had died, and I wondered how artists changed after years. I wrote a small TensorFlow application, and I took a picture of two clips taken at two different times and analyzed it. The results are interesting.

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