Long time ago

Before there were these blogs, there were blogger and live journal periods. Back then, when blogs and writing culture was more widespread, my friends who were active on a linux side would update their blogs every day, and make movie and various criticisms. Those were the times when I was just starting to post my first posts and there were no social networks or talk groups yet. Life was not that fast, but it was the first time I stepped into the Linux world. At that time, there were groups fighting over linux distributions. We all used to sit on an IRC channel and fight about linux distributions. There was a generation that buried windows at every opportunity. Linux loving, unix praising and developing. We didn’t have a lot of money back then. In order not to pay for windows on our computers that we bought for three cents; we were praising linux. Over time, this praise grew so much that most of us are now rich thanks to linux/unix without realizing it. Most of them even installed linux on cheap computers and forgot that they were constantly praising it.

When one finds money in time, one’s path and direction change. Who knows what happened to those young people who were ranting at linux conferences… But there is a fact; most of the people who specialize in a programming language or system have become the Apple crew. With iPhone in their hands and MacBook in front of them, they have forgotten their years of Linux in poverty. Some of them even left their country. In fact, this abandonment was completely due to economic and social factors.

Not only them, but I have also changed over time. Most of the projects I used to do are more or less back on track. Now we continue our way not only personally but also corporately. We have evaluated all kinds of technology and possibilities on this corporate path. We are moving forward as an active voice in the field of software and games. We continue our way by doing business and consultancy with companies that most people do not realize. But we didn’t put our past on dusty shelves, we continued to work, we continue to work…

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.