Developer Rights Manifesto

I’m publishing a developer rights manifesto. They can read and support this manifesto for the purpose of not using developers as slaves.

These developer rights cover the rights of all software or hardware developers. These rights include clauses that cover the process of compliance between the employer and the employer. Each employee who accepts these rights is considered a member of this association and is obliged to comply with the compliance process. The purpose of these rights is to address common clauses that protect the employer and the worker doing the work. In the event of a problem with these articles, no matter what the circumstances, the members of the association may change unanimously. All developers who accept this manifesto accept the obligations under which the rights are granted.


The scope of all these articles shall be applied in order to ensure justice and balance between the person who does the work and the person who does the work. A public sanction may be imposed on substances that are used poorly by the public for their misuse. These sanctions are taken away from the rights of that party and transferred to the rightful owner. Within the scope of material and moral sanctions, only the project, work, hardware and code made is decided by evaluating the whole. If there is a bad use, it is avoided. Certainly this scope cannot be related to the person who did the job or the person who did the job. The two sides cannot exert any pressure on one another except for the project, work, hardware and code. Each person who does the work can do the work or project development process in his / her field and can continue the work or project. His involvement in other affairs and his involvement in other affairs does not fall within this scope.

No one has the freedom to violate one’s freedom or constitutional rights by using a business or project as an excuse. Rights cover work or project. If the person performing or giving the work outside this scope has restricted or exercised constitutional freedom and rights, he declares that he accepts all rights over the project or work to the rightful owner (the person doing the work) and all sanctions. The performer or the rightful owner is responsible for making all changes and corrections to the project, work or code in the process. If there is a freedom that is blocked except for errors that occur on the work, project or code, the necessary sanctions are imposed. No matter what work, project or code or hardware, there can be no impediment to human freedoms and the right to life. The work done cannot prevent the right to life and freedom of a person who does or gives the work outside of the project and code or hardware. The rightful owner (who does the work) will be protected under freedom. In no way shall he be held responsible for anything that impedes his freedom other than the work, project or code he is responsible for. If there is an ongoing process, the employer or the rightful owner may not in any way exert pressure on the other party over religion, language, race and freedoms. In case of application, the punishment or sanctions required by showing this scope shall be imposed by the public for offenses of disturbing public order and restricting fundamental rights and freedoms.

Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

It is free to use any tool that makes development within the scope of work, project or code. In no way can the use of the tools that make the work and the development process apply pressure to the person who does the work. All vehicles used within the scope of their own licenses are evaluated by the person doing the work, and after they are verified, they are started to be used. No vehicle outside the scope of use is subject to unlicensed use. Non-license development and Correction persons agree and declare that the sanctions that do or do the work may be applied if they are subject to various sanctions under the license. All changes and corrections made outside the scope of the license, regardless, agree to be subject to sanctions as they impede the license holder’s freedom and rights.

Everyone has the freedom to develop licenses. In no way under this freedom shall the licensee declare that he shall not contain in his license articles which shall restrict fundamental rights and freedoms other than his own. In the event that the licensed work, project and code are used outside of the complete license, the licensee declares that he or she shall not restrict the freedoms of other people and shall not apply any scope other than the work, project or code within its articles. In any case, no one shall interfere with anyone’s rights to freedom and life due to a license, work, project or code. The purpose of the rights and freedoms here is only related to the work, project or the whole of the written code. Any use under the scope of the license agrees to comply with the license obligations determined by the contractor or developer.


No license should contain clauses that restrict or hinder people’s freedom. Accordingly, the license or right holder may be sanctioned by the public in the event that any item that would interfere with or violate any freedom and Privacy contained in the license is not removed. No software, project, business, or code users may be under any obligation to monitor or block their freedom without permission. You agree that you will not collect or share the information of any user using any license with third parties or organizations. Any sharing without permission will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the restrictions on freedom and rights. The state or the public has the right to collect and destroy all licenses and software that performs unauthorized monitoring and collects unauthorized data from the user. This situation has the same qualities as disturbing public order and attacking human rights without permission.


Any license, Project, software or business may be used only within its scope and scope. If otherwise used, sanctions should be imposed by the public. Software that violates privacy and other clauses may not be used or made available in any way. The same is true on the part of the person who does the job or gives the job. Any license, Project, software or business other than the work that is used to give or do the work does not have the right to restrict the fundamental rights and freedoms. The processes of Use and the responsibility for their operation should be supervised by the public.

Use by the public should be restricted in the event of a problem or a violation of Rights, a violation of privacy. It recognizes human rights and the right to conduct a public audit of privacy. For use, the person who does the work or the project and the person who does the work or the project have the right to equal use. In the event that equality is broken or rights are hindered, it shall be sanctioned. Any agreement or signed contract is void unless these obligations are approved by the public. Public-supplied lawyers should give this credence. In no way shall the contract or license of the person who gives or performs the work contain clauses that materially or spiritually impede the freedoms or rights of the other party. If the two parties do not have the material and moral power to meet the sanction, the whole agreement shall be deemed invalid and they shall be held equally liable in the proportion of their material or moral power determined by the public. These responsibilities may not be evaluated in any way except at the rate of restriction of human rights and freedoms, in case of evaluation, the license or all other agreements of the right holder shall be cancelled by the public and deemed invalid.

Penalties and Obligations

All obligations written in this manifesto must be accepted by the person who does or does the work. The legal rights on either side of the work, project, or code side are revoked by the public if not agreed. The public has the right to revoke written or oral agreements or licenses made in a manner that violates human rights and freedoms in any way. Holders of licenses or agreements must have their licenses, agreements or agreements approved by the public.

Any contract that is not ratified must be deemed invalid. Any contract signed between the parties shall not be valid unless approved by the public. The public agrees to protect this situation and to represent fundamental rights or freedoms. In order to prevent rights violations, sanctions should be imposed on both sides, taking into account the situation. If neither party has the power to accept the sanction, the sanction or penalty obligation is void until its power or status is established. Surely the public should assume the obligation to take measures to delay this situation. All obligations of the parties that are unable to meet the delay process, even if delayed, must be considered void. The public recognizes that it will apply the necessary sanctions fairly in the face of behavior and attitudes that impede all forms of freedom.


Human rights and freedoms should not be impeded outside the scope of work, project and code. The necessary sanctions and conditions should be provided for those who obstruct, disrupt public order, obstruct fundamental rights and freedoms, and disturb peace. If not, the public applies the necessary sanctions within the framework of its own constitutional order and rights. All agreements, contracts and obligations of persons, public or organizations that do not comply with these articles or the manifesto must be cancelled by the state. The state or the public shall in no way agree that the parties who do or do the work or the project shall not interfere with the fundamental rights and freedoms of people other than the work, project or code performed.

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