Repeat things are bad (That’s why, DRY).

It’s a bad thing to repeat yourself, yeah. For example, to do the same things over and over again. Going to work every day, experiencing the same things every day, eating at the same meal, and avoiding differences. Being different is a good thing. Life, politics and the same things that are repeated under constant pressure. We all live in life. We’re running around, our goals and our goals. This system is trying to get our targets from us. Instead of our goal, it’s a mess of bad people waiting for us to follow the system’s goals. We’re fighting a system that’s afraid of difference.

We have to do what is shown to us in advertising every day, by repeating to us; to integrate our own systems, media and all publishing organizations are working diligently. For example, when you want to buy a car, we decide on what others do. The system makes us eat what we need to do with advertising. If we eat. When we have a lot of free space out there, we live like a program trapped inside the system. We repeat every day to make money and get something out of their system.

The people around us are offering us routine jobs like being an officer. We’re doomed to do very boring things. We’re being bombarded with unnecessary information. People have been queuing up to lead us. Wherever we go, wherever we work, we see people who manage us and who don’t know as much as we do. Because these executives are leading the system. They’re the top executives who took orders. We keep repeating this in a pyramid system that tells us the rules we need to follow. When things have to change, we are still stubbornly tired to maintain the same system.

Now let’s play a game with you.

The name of our game is Don’t Repeat Yourself! (DRY!)


  • Turn off the TV, the social media.
  • Stop making plans.
  • If you work for a company that oppresses you, quit.
  • Focus on your needs (not on the needs of others).
  • Try different things every day.
  • Learn new things.
  • Apply what you have learned.
  • Develop new ideas, produce for yourself and your environment.
  • Work for your needs and health, not for money.
  • Stop being someone else.
  • Try to be a positive person, always smile.
  • Use your imagination (for yourself).
  • There will be negatives that can’t attract your positivity. Show them negative things - (Avert).
  • Make sure you have positive people around you.
  • The way you repeat yourself is not going to treat.
  • Run away from the system and live differently.
  • Find people like you and try different things with them.
  • Leave yourself to nature, nature gives man his needs free of charge.
  • Carry out the unreal things.
  • Forget others ‘ goals and see your own goals.

How to play?

Instead of living others ‘ lives, focus on what you need in your own life. Take the first step every day by running away from what others want to integrate into you and teaching yourself something. Remove those who put pressure on you. Make it yourself. Do different things every day. Don’t even bother thinking about things, apply them directly. Be positive when playing the game. Negative people will always be around you. Treat them as a negative person and laugh at them all the time. Let them fall into their own traps.

You keep acting differently. That’s not enough to be a hypocrite. Sometimes you might even have to dress like a thousand. Don’t care about anyone as long as you play the game. After you have fixed your needs, continue to try something different. That’s it. As you do different things, you will learn and learn who the people around you are.

Let’s see; let the games begin! 🙂

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